The Female Line  (2016)

The Female Line (2016)

The Female Line
ed. Ruth Carr (formerly Hooley)

It is over 30 years since The Female Line: Northern Irish Women Writers (1985) was first published. It has been brought back into the spotlight by the publication, in 2015, of The Long Gaze Back, An Anthology of Irish Women Writers, and in 2016, of The Glass Shore: Short Stories by Women from the North of Ireland, both edited by Sinéad Gleeson and published by New Island Books.

The Female Line is long out of print and copies are hard to get hold of. Herself Press is taking this opportunity to mark its own launch by reissuing The Female Line as an ebook to make the anthology available to a new generation of readers and to create a digital archive of women’s writing and publication in the North of Ireland.

The Female Line: An Anthology of Northern Irish Women Writers (2016) is available for download from:
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The Female Line  (1985)

The Female Line (1985)